How to Get the Best Corporate Headshot for Social MediaIn today’s world of the Internet and social media, how important for your business is it to get the best corporate headshot for social media out there? No one can dispute the fact that it is very important. No matter what your field of expertise is, whether you want your headshot to look and feel more casual or formal, you definitely want a headshot photographer that can provide a tasteful, effective and professional looking image.

First Impression of Your Corporate Headshot for Social Media

If you’re applying for a job or if someone pulls up your website because they might be interested in your services, one of the first thing they will see is a photo of you. Even the least vain person would want a headshot that is flattering, clear and that represents them well. Most individuals want their headshot to look approachable, friendly and complimentary, and it’s good for business.

I have done a lot of work for individuals who had their headshot taken by the company’s photographer who sets up those basic lights in the office, you sit on a stool, he or she snaps a couple shots, they tell you it’s great and they’re ready for the next person in line… Result: Mediocre and often just doesn’t meet your standards…

So these individuals who have a sense of style who want something done with a little more style, flair and creativity will go outside the box and get something done on their own, a headshot they can be proud of… We can still follow the company’s guidelines for consistency on their website. It’s amazing how subtle changes can produce a corporate headshot that is 100 times better… With the proper guidance on how to sit or stand, how to look in the camera, better lighting, better styling, etc… All these factors can make a world of difference in the outcome of your corporate headshot.

Pride in Your Corporate Headshot for Social Media

It feels good to have a great headshot of yourself out there, it could feel very different to put a headshot out there that you are not crazy about… And I don’t blame you because in today’s world when thousands and thousands of people come across your photo on a daily or weekly basis, you don’t want a mediocre headshot to represent you.  Why not spend a little bit more, hire a great corporate headshot photographer and create a great image to represent you for years to come? I strongly believe that making the decision to hire a great corporate headshot photographer would have a lot more impact and be more rewarding in more ways than one.
Guy Viau