How to Choose the Best Headshot Photographers in Los AngelesHi Everyone –┬áThe best headshot photographers in Los Angeles (are not always) but tend to be the ones with more experience and those who create a perfect environment for great headshots. A great headshot photographer should be someone who is versatile and able to adapt to their different and unique subjects. Everyone has a unique essence, the headshot photographer has to have the ability to capture the individual’s personality. This is easier said than done.

The Best Headshot Photographers in Los Angeles have Experience

  • Does your headshot photographer have the experience to guide you through the photo session or will he/she just tell you to move around and maybe catch something by luck? This is a very common but ineffective way to be successful with the outcome of your headshots. When you put someone “on the spot” and ask them to move around for the camera that’s when the outcome looks “posed” and unnatural, (a lot of photographers work that way). When a headshot photographer shoots an excessive amount of images, it maybe a sign that he/she does not have the confidence that they are capable of capturing you and your essence.
  • Are they showing you the images as you go along with the photo session to reassure you that the outcome is what you came to see them for? Or do they just shoot 1000+ images and maybe they caught something by chance?
  • Are you leaving unsure that you have met your goals with your new headshots?


The Best Headshot Photographers in Los Angeles Create a Perfect Environment

I believe that the environment in which the headshot photographer is working is crucial to getting the most natural feel and essence in an individual.

  • When the client walks in do they right away feel comfortable? Is the space clean?
  • Does this headshot photographer look organized?
  • Does the energy of the headshot photographer convey and exude confidence in what he is doing? A headshot photographer who is open to listen to the specific needs of his client and his willingness to adjust and adapt to meet those needs are very important.
  • Is your headshot photographer knowledgeable when it comes to wardrobe styling, does he/she really know what will be more photogenic? Does he/she understand hair makeup?


I strongly believe that before you spend the money, you should review these important questions.

Guy Viau