How to select the best corporate headshot photographers in los angelesSelecting the Best Corporate Headshot Photographers in Los Angeles


Nowadays businessmen & women are not content with just a generic, mediocre headshot. With all the social media exposure one is dealing with, we obviously want a corporate headshot that has a little more flair. It doesn’t have to look like a “fashion” shoot but you definitely want to look your best in your headshot. Working with one of the best corporate headshot photographers in Los Angeles will greatly improve your chances of achieving an outcome that you will not only be happy with but also proud to share with your friends, colleagues and the corporate world.

Finding one of the best corporate headshot photographers in Los Angeles can be challenging. A referral from a friend or colleague is often a good place to start but you should take a look at their website’s corporate photo gallery. I would check out a few corporate headshot photographers in Los Angeles because one photographer might have done a decent job for your friend but you want to make sure it’s a good fit for you.

I’m a strong believer that when you reach out to your corporate headshot photographer, the response is prompt, professional and courteous. Remember you will be working with this individual one on one. Does he or she have a good vibe on the phone? Were you impressed with the corporate photography on their website? Do they have experience with styling wardrobe? Are they prepared to assist you with the wardrobe aspect of your photo session or is this photographer expecting you to just walk in already knowing your best wardrobe option?


Energy and Vibe in a Corporate Headshot

If you are not an actor or on television on a regular basis, if you are not a model in the fashion industry, having your headshot taken is probably not something you do every day. Still some headshot photographers will expect you to come in the photo session and “turn it on” out of the blue… Quite a daunting task when you lack the experience but also feel a little intimidated. For most people having you’re your headshot taken can be challenging. My approach has always been to offer guidance, to walk people through their photo session. It’s common sense, unless you are a natural in front of the camera or have a lot of experience how are you supposed to know how to stand or sit and what expression to try and convey in front of your headshot photographer so the outcome looks natural and photogenic?

As a corporate headshot photographer one has to be able to guide with simple but effective directions that immediately translates the expected energy and vibe you want to put out there.

The experienced and right headshot photographer can not only make you feel great in your images but also about the outcome, he or she can definitely make your day 🙂


Guy Viau