“Guy, in 33 years in “the big” I’ve never been sooo happy with my headshots!!! They pop off the page… each one is a winner! Each of my agents are delighted with the new images. Thank you dear friend.”
– Nina Mann
“Dearest Guy, my headshots are loved by everyone who has seen them. Beautiful work, you are extremely talented. Sincerely,”
– Amanda Swisten
“Dear Guy, you are an artist many people find inspiring… so may you prosper and continue to find beauty in all that life has to offer.”
– Michelle Harnisch
“Guy, you were very generous, I’m having trouble deciding… there are so many good ones. I look forward to working with you again. Best regards,”
– Jaime Gallagher
“Dear Guy, thank you for the beautiful photos, both my agents were very pleased. Virtually every headshot is great. You were a pleasure to work with and gave me excellent marketing tools!”
– Carroll Lee Allman


Professional Headshots for Kids Help Them Stand Out

If you are trying to help your child break out into acting, then it is time to invest in professional headshots for kids. Casting directors and talent agencies get hundreds of headshots a day. It is vital that your child’s headshot stands out so they can be chosen for parts in many different types of productions. Guy Viau Photography can help you set your child apart from all of the rest while capturing their individual personality. Guy understands the process and can work with your child and coach them in showing their talented and adorable nature. The process begins with a consultation covering the basics of headshots for kids.

Online Castings Give Kids More Acting Opportunities

With the introduction of online casting, there are even more headshots flooding in for a minimal amount of parts. Since people are sending in multiple shots, Guy can take photos that are geared to a particular part as well as casual and formal headshots in an effort to convey how versatile your child can be. Guy also has the skills that keep kids engaged and relaxed, while giving them the important role of showing their true personality. Whether he talks to them about what they are interested in or what they like to do the most, he is sure to pull the best from your child which will be reflected in professional headshots.

Tips for Kids Headshots

  • Keep It Age Appropriate and Simple
  • Limit Frills, Buttons and Patterns in Wardrobe Choices
  • Cloth Your Child in Clothes that Are Comfy and Make Them Happy
  • Avoid too Many Props
  • Keep Makeup and Hair Simple so a Headshot Accurately Represents Your Child

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When you need professional kid’s headshot photographers contact us. Guy is ready to engage your kid and bring out their true nature for flattering and expert headshots perfect for the acting industry.