new to L.A. and I need headshotsIt is always challenging moving somewhere new and Los Angeles isn’t the easiest place to assimilate but if you are pursuing your dream of a successful career as an actor, L.A. is certainly one of the prime places to be.

Headshot Recommendations

One of the very first things that will be on your agenda will be finding a great headshot photographer in Los Angeles. These are a few of my recommendations:

  • Take your time and look at several websites of headshot photographers.
  • Look for some volume and consistency in the photo galleries, an extensive body of work that is consistently appealing.
  • Call and speak with the headshot photographer. Is he or she taking the time to answer your questions in a patient and caring manner?
  • Is the headshot photographer taking the time to go over details such as makeup, wardrobe (what type of looks & how many…?), etc…
  • Follow your instincts and make sure you are getting a really good vibe, you will working with this person, headshot sessions should be comfortable, if you feel rushed for example that is never a good thing…

Headshots for all Types

Personally I have always had a lot of content in my photo galleries because it allowed me to show a wide variety of individuals. Race, ethnicities, all different ages,  types ranging from wholesome & sweet, edgy & sexy, characters who are nerdy, corky, funny, etc, as well as performers, dancers, athletes and of course professionals in all areas.

I’ve always believed that if you are a true specialist in headshot photography you should be able to work with all people no matter the color of their skin or how old they are. The reason I love what I do is actually because of the diversity of people and love bringing that special and unique essence in each and everyone.

Even if you are new in Los Angeles you should never feel intimidated. To the contrary, when it comes to the headshot photographer you will be working with you should always feel that warm welcome. There should be no compromise however.  You will be paying for great service but very importantly the outcome of your headshots should be amazing.
Guy Viau