Los Angeles headshot photography sessionHello Actors РI have a simple secret to avoiding confusion in your next Los Angeles headshot photography session:  Master your own path.

Be Specific in your Los Angeles Headshot Photography Session

The Los Angeles headshot photography session can be a daunting task. Especially if you don’t already have a reliable headshot photographer in Los Angeles with whom you have already had a great experience with and can go back to knowing you will definitely get what you need… One of the added challenges that actors put on themselves is to try and please “everyone”. If you already have representation, the important thing here is to make sure you and your agent(s) & manager are clear as to the type(s) you need to convey in your headshots. How do the people who represent you see you? What do they specifically need to see from this headshot photography session? Make sure you go over the details with them such as wardrobe, makeup, even your expression.. For example: Do they need to see someone “edgy” or is it more wholesome, friendly with a big smile or a more subtle smile…? Do they need to see you younger or more mature looking? Do you have to convey a sexy leading type or the sweet best friend, etc..?

The more specific information you share with the headshot photographer, the more he or she will or should be able to provide you with images that correspond to your representation’s vision or simply your vision if you do not have representation yet.

Trust Your Instinct in your Los Angeles Headshot Photography Session

I think it is also important that you understand that everyone has an opinion. I have seen so many actors trying to make everyone happy around them that sometimes that actor becomes confused as to what makes him/her happy or what they think would be effective. You can always defer to your mentor, agent & manager but ultimately I believe it is important you are enjoying your headshot photography process and its outcome. Some comments you will have to consider and others you will have to take with a “grain of salt”. With more experience you will eventually narrow down what really works for you. Once you are clear about what works for you it will ease the headshot process. Then once you have what you need, why not take chances and add something different (out of the box).

Ultimately trust your choices and be willing to adjust as you go. Listening to too many people & opinions which by the way often contradict themselves can lead to confusion. Master your own path with the help of only the knowledgeable selected few around you.

Guy Viau