The ideal way to find representation is always through a referral. Valuable referrals come from different sources. It could be a friend or fellow actor in an acting class who is already represented and feels comfortable introducing you to their agent. It could be a colleague, an acquaintance, an acting teacher, a casting director, etc…

If you don’t have any of these sources to assist you in this process, here are a few steps that I would recommend:

1. Open accounts with:

  • LaCasting (The Casting Networks)
  • The Casting Frontier
  • Actors Access
  • TPN (The People’s Network)

Note: (You can open accounts with all four OR at least the first two to get started).

Your headshots in Los Angeles are so important. I’ve had clients finding representation by simply opening accounts and posting their new headshots on these casting websites.

2. Samuel French Bookstores has a publication called “The Actors Guide to Agents.” It is updated every 2 ½ months and will provide you with pertinent & valuable information about agents in Los Angeles and how to submit yourself to them. Ultimately you want to find not only a list of the agencies but also the “agents” and their respective position and department within that agency. The Actors Guide to Agents at Samuel French Bookstore provides such information. For example if you are seeking T.V. Commercials and/or Commercial Print representation, you need to know who within a given agency is responsible for that department so you can address your request and submission to that specific individual. Always submit your info to a specific person within the agency. Unless your submission is addressed to someone specific (and specific department) within the agency, your submission might find its way to the trash very quickly without ever being opened.

If you are relatively new in this industry, for your submissions I recommend you select agencies that are “medium” to “boutique” in size so you do not get lost in a larger size agencie’s roster.

Be mindful that some agencies in Los Angeles prefer submissions (your headshot & resume) to come in the regular mail while others prefer email. It is usually specified in the Actors Guide book what each agencie’s preference is…

3. In your submission to agents, your headshot and resume should be accompanied with a simple note stating you are seeking representation. Be sure to make your contact info is very visible, email address, phone number, etc… Be specific, are you seeking commercial, commercial print or theatrical representation (or dance)?


Hi Joe,

I am currently seeking commercial representation, I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your time,

Best regards,

Guy     323.791.6180

MAKE SURE you make your CONTACT INFO very visible such as your name, phone number and email address, make it easy for them to see your info.

You can submit to as many agencies as you want and see fit, “persistence” is the key, sometimes a “follow up note” to your initial submission is recommended… If this is something you really want to do, “stay with it”.

Guy Viau