Guy Viau / Bio

Los Angeles photographe - Guy ViauFor the last 20 years Los Angeles photographer Guy Viau has combined his unique training and experience to produce strong, effective theatrical and commercial headshots. Guy also does corporate photography in Los Angeles for professionals in all different industries and fields.

Early Years

From his early twenties Guy Viau had a career in the fashion industry as a model that lasted more than 15 years. Based in popular fashion markets such as Milan, Paris, Tokyo, New York and finally Los Angeles. His Headquarters is now in Los Angeles  where he has resided for the past 20 years. Guy has had the unique experience of working with more than 200 photographers, stylists, makeup artists and art directors. After receiving great reviews for his photographic works in portraiture and fashion. Guy soon realized his next career would be behind the camera. In addition he has worked and trained as an actor in L.A. As a “talent” he booked more than 70 T.V commercials.


His headshot photography for actors in Los Angeles has put him at the top of the list of 80 different agents and managers that refer their “talent” to Guy. This includes some of the top agencies such as CAA, William Morris, C.E.S.D., Commercial Talent, Amsel, Eisenstadt & Frazier, MTA and many more. Guy has worked with well known actors such as Fred Willard, Viola Davis, Brenda Song, David Hasselhoff, Billy Gardell, Matthew James Thomas,  Haley Joel Osment, Shakira and more… He also embraces the challenge of working with someone with no experience. Guy took inspiration from the SuperStudios in Milan, Italy to create an isolated, daylight/open-shade studio at the back of his home. It is specifically designed for theatrical and commercial headshots as well as commercial print/fashion. It is also an ideal set-up for corporate, business professional headshots.

Guy is specific and precise in his approach to actor’s headshots. He takes the time to assist each client, making every image an option. Not blow through 1000 shoots hoping for the lucky few. Images not considered an option by you and Guy are deleted. Ultimately you will leave Guy’s studio with great headshots that will work for you.

If you simply have questions about Guy’s work and process always feel free to contact him.

Enjoy the website and the photography Guy’s been up to lately.