Dance Photography in Los Angeles

“Dear guy, I love my headshots and so do my agents! Thanks again for your wonderful work!!” – Marren Roy
“Dear Guy, I love my headshots. You are a genius. I am sure they will bring me much success. Thank you, sincerely‚Ķ” – Vanessa Woods

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Dance Photography: A Form of Visual Art

Dancing is a form of visual art that can be captured with the talent of an expert photographer. Seeing a dancing form frozen in time within a photograph is true talent. At Guy Viau Photography we can assist you in attaining this artistic form of photography. Whether you need photos for your dance portfolio, or you want a token of remembrance for your family, Guy uses his exceptional photography skills to stop time and convey motion via digital prints. Dance is very expressive and can be visualized in a photograph that gives viewers the potential to explore the movements they have not seen.

Document Lithe and Acrobatic Dance Forms

Much like actors, dancers need quality headshots and dance photos that showcase their talent. Guy is well-known for working close with his clients to produce photographs that are simply outstanding. Moments that are considered to be impossible to catch are documented and produced via digital formats so you have stylish, creative, and beautiful photos of your particular dance style. Whether a dance photo session is scheduled for adults or children, Guy is ready to direct and guide his clients to create professionally expressive photos that engage viewers.

Dance Photo Session Options

  • Wear Clothing that Does Not Restrict Movement
  • Prepare Ahead of Time and Coordinate Dance Moves with the Photographer
  • Understand Your Strong Suit as a Dancer and Focus on That
  • Have a Repertoire of Dance Moves to Draw Upon
  • Be Prepared to Execute a Variety of Impressive Leaps and Jumps
  • Showcase Your Flexibility

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At Guy Viau Photography we pride ourselves on giving our clients a one-of-a-kind experience that includes excellent photography and open lines of communication. Contact us today so we can bring your significant and creative ideas to life via photography services that flatter you in every manner.