Perso & Lifestyle

Capture Your Life in an Artistic Manner with a Lifestlye Photo Shoot

A perso-lifestyle photo shoot by Guy Viau is meant to capture a moment in your life regarding real-life events, milestones, and your personal style. It is essentially the art of every day. Photographs as a result of this type of photo shoot are meant to tell a story about your life. You will be leaving a photographic legacy for friends and family. At Guy Viau Photography we are inspired by the lives of many different people and are ready to give you the style of photos you desire. With talents that include many disciplines of photography, we can provide outstanding photographs using multidisciplinary types of photography.

Style Is Absolutely Subjective

Fundamentally style is a product of different individuals. It is subject to change per person and can be captured to give a clear view of your personal style. When you are preparing for a perso-lifestyle photo shoot with Guy it is important to be yourself and wear what is most comfortable. Express yourself with your style of clothing and accessories. Lifestyle photography can also represent you by capturing a scenic view, activity, or moment. All of this can be co-ordinated ahead of time with Guy so you are sure to have a positive and pleasing photography experience. Share your ideas so Guy can get to the core of your philosophy and produce artistic photography you will enjoy for years to come.

Different Types of Lifestyle Photography

  • Street Photography
  • Fashion
  • Landscape
  • Wedding
  • Wildlife

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Get excited about capturing a moment of your life, and contact us today to schedule a person-lifestyle photography session. Guy can bring your photography ideas to life by showcasing every special moment you can treasure for the rest of your life.