“Dear Guy, the photos you took of me are the best I have ever taken. My only regret is that I haven’t done headshots with you before. My manager was very impressed… so many to choose from, thank you so much.”
– Shelley Kurtz
“Dear Guy, I had never felt so photogenic before, you made our headshot session a delightful experience. I so appreciate the time you took with all of my looks and for making each shot just right. All the best…”
– Danielle Lescure
“Dear Guy, thank you so much for the incredible headshots. You are so talented and dedicated to your art- I feel lucky to have found you and I’m sending every actor I’ve ever met your way, best wishes,”
– Cara Petrie
“Guy, this was our third photo session together and to be honest I have cheated on you in the past… those lapses in judgement were unfulfilling and boring. I will never stray again. No one compares to you! You are the master… my managers, my agents and myself are crazy about my new headshots. Blessings..”
– Brynn Thayer
“Hi Guy, thankl you so much for your outstanding work. You make the business of headshots a wonderful experience. You are so talented and your artistry phenomenal! I look forward to working together again. Best,”
– Judi Hudson
“Hi Guy, thank you again for taking your Sunday and doing a fabulous shoot! I appreciate your support, enthusiasm, talent and heart. Looking forward to doing it again in the future. Sincerely,”
– Micah McCain
“Hi Guy, the headshots are beautiful! My agent loved them! In 6 years of getting hedshots done in Los Angeles, this is the first time I am overjoyed with the results. Thank you sooo much.”
– Tiffany Mclain

Be Prepared for a Fun and Fantastic Swimwear Photo Shoot

A swimwear photo shoot does not have to be a scary process that has you worried about every aspect of the session. There are a few things you can do before a photo shoot with us that will have you more than prepared and ready to give your most glamorous smile and look when coached by Guy. If you have a photo session planned for early in the day around sunrise, then enjoy a quick jog to eliminate a tired look and energize your face. Shower and prepare for your photo shoot and do not wear perfume, it tends to attract insects which you do not want in your finished shots. Do not put your hair in a ponytail since it can leave kinks and detracts from flowing beautiful hair. Instead secure long locks in a loose bun that adds body and gentle waves. Wear loose fitting clothes so there are no marks on your skin that could otherwise mar your shots. To look your best it is also advised that you eat lightly and sip water to keep from looking bloated. Overall it is vital that you look beautifully relaxed.

Do Not Forget the Accessories

A swimwear photo shoot conjures images of bikinis. However it is important that accessories are part of your wardrobe since it enhances swimwear quite nicely. This can include jewelry that compliments the style and color of the suit worn, and scarves, wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses and many other options. Consider wearing high heels, wedged sandals, or just go barefoot for a more natural look. Every little detail counts and you can discuss all of this with Guy so your shots convey the exact look you prefer.

Necessities for a Swimwear Photo Shoot

  • Wardrobe – Bikinis or Any Other Type of Swim Suits, Cover-Ups, Jean Shorts, Jeans, Skirts
  • Shoes that Compliment
  • Props and Accessories – Sunglasses, Jewelry, Hats, Beach Ball, Neckties
  • Towels
  • Robe
  • Make-Up Kit – Foundation, Concealer, Powder, Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Blush, Mascara
  • Hair Styling – Brush, Comb, Spray, Gel, Headbands, Bobby Pins
  • Eye Drops
  • Lotion and Sunscreen

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