Cost of Headshots in Los Angeles

When it’s time to get new headshots in Los Angeles, one of your first questions will probably be, “How much should you pay?”  My first advice would be to stay within your budget. Every week, if not almost every day I hear my clients complain that they had to learn the hard way… They will often admit to having paid way too much for the quality of headshots they received from previous photographers.

It is a well known marketing strategy to price services above average… It is no different with headshot photography services. When it comes to headshot photography in Los Angeles it gives the actor or professional the false impression that this headshot photographer is slightly better than others. I cannot speak for all industries but I do know from experience that with headshot photography this strategy can be very misleading.

It would be impossible to keep count of the times I’ve heard actors so upset that they’ve spent way too much money for a very mediocre outcome from their past headshot sessions.

This would be my advice,  if you spent somewhere between $200-$600 (depending on your needs), this amount would be considered reasonable. For women unless you do your own makeup (which is fine if you know how to apply your own) you should plan on spending an additional $150-$200 for hair & makeup. For men the basic application of concealer & powder should be included, an experienced photographer should know how to apply these for basic needs.

You do not want to spend too little either, ultimately you do not want to have to re-do your headshots, it would be a waste of energy, time & money.

It comes down to the headshot photographer’s body of work.

Ultimately you need to take your time and really go through the headshot photographer’s website, like one of my clients said to me the other day, “when I saw your rates, then the extensive photography content and the consistency of your headshot photography on your website, (not to mention more that 100 (5) Star reviews on Google+ and Yelp), I felt very confident you would be taking care of my headshot needs.” She mentioned that she’d gone through a ton of websites, basically did her homework which I recommend. See what’s out there, make comparisons, place a few phone calls…

“I might need new headshots again in a couple months.”

You need new headshots right now but you know you will need something else or just something updated again in a couple months… Your hair length or color may or will change, you are in the midst of a new diet, your weight and appearance will change. You still need headshots for the next few months, you are not going to sit around and wait to lose all the weight you want, you need to go out and work… Now..!

You need a headshot photographer whose rates and services are reasonable & flexible.

You just did 3 looks (wardrobe changes), the headshots look amazing, they’re compelling and it really looks like you and is you, you’re so excited to move forward. The following week you book a movie or a commercial, they change the color of your hair (or they cut or shave your hair) and you actually really like it and would like to do 1 look with this new hair, will you be stuck paying another $400-$600 just to add this new look to your bank of headshots? The headshot photographer should understand the nature of this business, always in flux, so how about just spending $200.00 with this great new hair/look… You’ll have it, you never know…

The best headshot photographers in Los Angeles are not the ones who charge the most.

Take your time, do your homework, make a phone call and follow your intuition, be as comfortable as possible with your decision on who will be doing your next headshots in Los Angeles.

Guy Viau